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Meeting Date: 06/06/2018  
Submitted For: Daniel Rusing
Department: Finance  

Action Requested
Finance - Approve an agreement with The Public Group, LLC to use the services of Public Surplus for on-line auctions of county surplus property for one year beginning June 1, 2018 and ending May 31, 2021. YC Contract No. 2018-193 (All Districts).
Brief Explanation of Need
The county used to hold occasional physical auctions to dispose of surplus property, but stopped doing so several years ago because the cost of holding the auctions were not justified by the amount of proceeds received.  Since 2005 vehicles have been disposed of using physical auctions held by Sierra Auction Management Inc..  Other surplus items have generally been accumulating in warehouses and need to be disposed of in a cost efficient manner that generates the most cash flow to the county.  The use of on-line auction services from Public Surplus, who specialize in disposing of surplus property for governmental entities, may be the best way to generate cash flow and create more space in our storage locations, and Facilities and Finance would like to contract with them for this service on a trial basis.  If successful, the on-line auction process will be included in a new comprehensive policy on the disposal of surplus property that Facilities and Finance are developing and which will be presented to the Board in the future for approval.  This attached contract with The Public Group Inc. refers to and incorporates the City of Mesa SAVE contract No. 2014085 and related renewal agreement that are attached, and has been reviewed and approved by the county attorney's office.
Daniel Rusing, Finance Director
Source of Revenue
N/A - all costs are paid separately by the buyers in the auction process.
Have Notice/Publication Requirements Been Met
Contract or Agreement
Attached are the Agreement between Yavapai County and The Public Group, LLC,  the City of Mesa SAVE contract #2014085 between the City of Mesa and The Public Group, LLC, and the Renewal Agreement for City of Mesa SAVE contract. All were reviewed by Ben Kreutzberg.
Legal Approval Notes

Fiscal Impact
Total Cost: 0
Source of Revenue: auction sales
Name of Account to be Paid From: n/a
Number of Account to be Paid From: n/a
Was this item budgeted for: no
Fiscal Impact:
Revenue will be generated from the on-line auction sales; no related expenses.
Public Group LLC
City of Mesa SAVE Contract
City of Mesa Renewal
Contract Cover Sheet

Legal Approval: Yes- Legal Counsel has reviewed the attached agreement/contract
and has found it to be in proper form

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