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Meeting Date: 06/06/2018  
Submitted For: Lynn Whitman
Department: Flood Control  

Action Requested
Flood Control District - The Board of Supervisors will resolve into the Board of Directors of the Yavapai County Flood Control District, and following consideration of these items will reconvene as the Board of Supervisors -  Approve entering into a right-of-way lease with the Arizona State Land Department in the amount of $58,979.00 for the first ten years of a fifty-year lease. The lease is for approximately 5 acres of land for a regional storm water detention basin as part of the Ho Kay Gan Area Drainage Master Study's ongoing projects to improve area-wide drainage. YC Contract No. 2018-194. (District 4 - Supervisor Brown)
Brief Explanation of Need
In FY15/16 the Flood Control District had an Area Drainage Master Study (ADMS) completed for the Ho Kay Gan subdivision area and it prioritized three projects for drainage improvements. The projects are varied in nature, including a regional storm water detention basin, storm drain, and upgrades to an existing low water crossing. The regional detention basin is proposed to be located on a parcel upstream of the Ho Kay Gan subdivision on State Land. The State Land Department has approved a right-of-way for the Flood Control District to construct and maintain the basin for 50 years, with a ten-year lease of $58,979.00. The Yavapai County Flood Control District Board of Directors approved the Notice of Appraisal at the March 3, 2018, Board of Supervisors Meeting.

A map of the planned pond is attached, as well as a copy of the lease. The District legal counsel has reviewed the lease and deemed it acceptable.
Paul Jungen, District Engineer
Source of Revenue
Flood Control District
Have Notice/Publication Requirements Been Met
Contract or Agreement
See attachments
Legal Approval Notes
District Legal Counsel has reviewed and has no comments

Fiscal Impact
Total Cost: $58,979
Source of Revenue: District Funds
Name of Account to be Paid From: Land - Property Acquisition
Number of Account to be Paid From: 0314170020 77002
Was this item budgeted for: Yes
Fiscal Impact:
State Land Lease
Pond Legal Exhibit
Pond Exhibit
Contract Cover 2018-194

Legal Approval: Yes- Legal Counsel has reviewed the attached agreement/contract
and has found it to be in proper form

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