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Meeting Date: 03/01/2017  
Submitted For: David C Williams
Department: Development Services  

Action Requested
Development Services - Approve appointment of Leah Genovese as a Deputy Land Use Specialist.
Brief Explanation of Need
Per ARS 11-815A, "The county zoning ordinance shall provide for its enforcement within a zoned territory by means of withholding building permits, and for such purposes may establish the position of county zoning inspector, and such deputy inspectors as may be required, who shall be appointed by the board."

Leah Genovese has completed her initial training and is ready to start working in this capacity.  Per ARS her appointment is required to be made by the Board of Supervisors.
David Williams, Land Use / Planning Manager
Source of Revenue
This is an existing budgeted position and has no impact on the budget.
Have Notice/Publication Requirements Been Met
No notification requirements are required for this agenda item.
Contract or Agreement

Fiscal Impact
No file(s) attached.

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