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Meeting Date: 02/06/2019  
Submitted For: Dan Cherry
Department: Public Works  

Action Requested
Public Works - Approve Authorization of Services #1822871 with Coffman Associates for Airport Geographic Information Systems (AGIS) Survey and Airport Drainage Master Plan. YC Contract No. 2019-002 (District 3 - Supervisor Garrison)
Brief Explanation of Need
Authorization of Services #1822871 with Coffman Associates is to prepare an Airport Geographic Information Systems (AGIS) Survey and an Airport Drainage Master Plan for Sedona Airport.  

The topographic/planimetric data obtained from the AGIS survey will be utilized for the Airport Drainage Master Plan. The data obtained will also be used to identify airport obstructions, and may be utilized by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to develop enhanced instrument approaches for the Airport.

The drainage plan will help to identify and address the most significant drainage issues on the Airport. The recommended improvements will enhance drainage, increase safety, help eliminate FOD issues, and reduce airport maintenance costs. The identified specific drainage projects and costs will be incorporated into the Airport's 5-Year ACIP.

The total cost for this project will be $356,440.00. The FAA will fund 91.06% at $324,574.26, Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) Aeronautics will fund 4.47% at $15,932.87, and Sedona Oak Creek Airport Authority (SOCAA) will fund 4.47% at $15,932.87.

We respectfully request the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors approval of Coffman AOS # 1822871 for the Sedona Airport AGIS Survey and Airport Drainage Master Plan in the amount of $356,440.00.
Dan Cherry, Public Works Director
Source of Revenue
Have Notice/Publication Requirements Been Met
Contract or Agreement
Legal Approval Notes

Fiscal Impact
Total Cost: $356,440.00
Source of Revenue: FAA/DOT/SOCAA
Name of Account to be Paid From: Sedona Airport Grant Fund
Number of Account to be Paid From: 0425070510 52207-AFAA24
Was this item budgeted for: N/A
Fiscal Impact:
FAA (91.06%) - $324,574.26
ADOT (4.47%) - $15,932.87
SOCAA (4.47%) - $15,932.87
Total - $356,440.00
Coffman AOS

Legal Approval: Yes- Legal Counsel has reviewed the attached agreement/contract
and has found it to be in proper form

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