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Meeting Date: 10/17/2018  
Submitted For: Joe Huot
Department: Public Works  

Action Requested
Public Works - Approve acceptance of Segments 1 and 2 of Chavez Ranch Road as a fully maintained County road and approve the release of the remaining balance of the financial assurances held in retention in the form of an Escrow Account with Stewart Title, in the amount of $347,323.61. (District 3 - Supervisor Garrison)
Brief Explanation of Need
Segments 1 and 2 of Chavez Ranch Road that serve as access for the Mystic Heights Subdivision, have been inspected and found to be constructed in substantial conformance with the specifications and standards approved by the County Engineer.  Attached is a copy of the completion certification sealed by the Project Engineer, a copy of the Yavapai County Engineer's Report, a memo of approval from the Yavapai County Roads Manager, and an area map for your review.  In accordance with Yavapai County Resolution 1036 and the approved Escrow Agreement for the financial assurances, it is requested that the Board of Supervisors accept Segments 1 and 2 of Chavez Ranch Road for maintenance and release the remaining funds in the amount of $347,323.61 held under the financial assurances.
Dan Cherry, Public Works Director
Source of Revenue
Have Notice/Publication Requirements Been Met
Contract or Agreement
Legal Approval Notes

Fiscal Impact
Total Cost: 0
Source of Revenue: N/A
Name of Account to be Paid From: N/A
Number of Account to be Paid From: N/A
Was this item budgeted for: N/A
Fiscal Impact:
Project Engineer's Certification
County Engineer's Report
County Roads Memo
Area Map

Legal Approval: Yes- Legal Counsel has reviewed the attached agreement/contract
and has found it to be in proper form

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