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Meeting Date: 01/02/2019  
Submitted For: Leslie Horton
Department: Community Health Services  

Action Requested
Community Health Services - Approve transfer of budget capacity in the amount of $7,924.00 from Capital Improvement Projects budget to the Medical Examiner's budget for the purchase and installation of a security system for the Medical Examiner's Office. 
Brief Explanation of Need

The camera’s feature high definition, motion sensing capabilities and will be installed on the interior and exterior of the Medical Examiner’s office. The TV monitors will be installed in the administration offices and autopsy suite. The Panic Buttons/Strobe system will alert employees to problems in the building. Strobes will be installed in the evidence hallway and autopsy suite. The support equipment includes storage of security film. 

Leslie Horton, Director
Source of Revenue
Capital Improvement Projects Budget
Have Notice/Publication Requirements Been Met
Contract or Agreement
Legal Approval Notes

Fiscal Impact
Total Cost: $7,924.00
Source of Revenue: Capital Improvement
Name of Account to be Paid From: Capital Improvement
Number of Account to be Paid From: 0401010090 52906
Was this item budgeted for: No
Fiscal Impact:
Cameras and Support Equipment $4,815.00 Debit 0401010090 52906 Credit 0001160010 63101
TV's and Hardware $2,438.00 Debit 0401010090 52906 Credit 0001160010 63101
Panic Buttons/Strobes $ 672.00 Debit 0401010090 52906 Credit 0001160010 63101
No file(s) attached.

Legal Approval: No- Elected Official/Director has reviewed the attached agreement/contract
and determined legal review is not a requirement, or not applicable

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